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!!! DA Decreas 0.90 % !!! From February 2017 - D A Rate : 46.90 % - Total Slab 469 !!!             NCBE VOICE AUGUST 2016             10th Wage Revision Distribution Chart

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At a time when the Bank Employees were labouring from  dawn to dusk for a pittance of wages, with the democles篲d of job insecurity  and official repression hanging over the heads, a few courageous and determined Indian workers of the then Imperial Bank of India choose to challenge the powerful fortress of the Imperialistic Management by lighting the torch of Trade Union conscience that resulted in emergence of a strong trade union in Madras.

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State Banks䡦f Union (Madras Circle) was the predecessor of State Banks䡦f Union (Kerala Circle) since its formation on 4th August 1946. Being the militant and proud members for over a period of 54 years in Chennai Circle Union, a separate circle union was formed in Kerala on 2nd October 2000. Staff union has a rich heritage of struggles and sacrifices; trials and turbulations. The Circle union office was inaugurated by veteran leader Com. M V Alexander, one of the founder leader of All India State Bankof India Staff Federation on 25 November 2000. SBSU (KC) is now one of the strongest limb of AISBISF.

The vision of the Union is to have a strong, healthy and independent trade union of workers in the Bank, which will be for the workers, of the workers and by the workers.

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